It’s not about what you see.

It’s about the unseen.

In the disturbing era of Nazi Germany, there were a lot of hard things to see. 


Is it possible that in a place like this one man could open our eyes to the unseen? 


This is exactly what the German psychiatrist Hans Berger did. 


Berger was the first to successfully record a brainwave: invisible waves that operate in different frequencies in our brains. 


From that moment on, we could read them. Understand them. Know what they’re capable of. 


They can change our behavior. Change our feelings. 


Frequentia is a cinematic and sensorial experience that guides us through the beta brainwaves, the waves associated with strong emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, anticipation, focus and attention. 


Join Lucas Melo, one of the best mountain boarders in the world, as he navigates a tricky mountain course. 


The mountain itself is a challenge. 


But what about the obstacles he can’t see? 


We hope you enjoy Frequentia. 


Actually, we hope you feel Frequentia.